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We offer a range of both on site and external support services for our clients

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Expertise With Kofax Capture

Kofax Implementation Needs Expertise

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Welcome to Kofax Support

Access to technical expertise when you need it is vital for all organisations; things seldom go wrong at a convenient time and having instant access to people who can help you can be the difference between making a deadline and missing it.

Ether Solutions can provide both telephone and on-site support on all Kofax Software.

Kofax provide technical support for the actual software products, Ether Solutions service compliments the Kofax service by focussing implementation aspects in terms of the configuration and the custom code in "Batch" classes, etc.

Every Kofax implementation will need to consider a software upgrade at some stage, Ether Solutions services assist clients in making this technical change in the context of their actual existing deployment, whereas Kofax will meet its software vendor responsibilities by defining the software products capabilities